Reconociendo la necesidad de desarrollo profesional de alta calidad en todos los escenarios a través de Connecticut, CTAEYC presenta la Academia de los sábados todos los meses de enero a mayo. Cada sesión ofrece a los participantes una oportunidad para la exploración profunda de algún tema y para el aprendizaje a través de oportunidades prácticas, con un enlace claro a los Estándares de Desarrollo y Aprendizaje Temprano de Connecticut, estándares de NAEYC, y teorías de la primera infancia.  

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Picture a classic steam train, chugging along the tracks towards its ultimate destination. Now, imagine a train that has run out of steam, falling off the rails. That is the difference between a high steam learner and a low steam learner. As educators, it is our job to be the conductors who empower our children to move through their early learning experiences full steam ahead! In this workshop, participants will first learn to identify the difference between a high and low steam learner, exploring ways to increase motivation and engagement amongst children and ultimately leading us to the conclusion that play indeed has purpose in the classroom.


Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of what constitutes age appropriate play and social development, explore relevant assessment tools (all of which are free and easily accessible), and dive deep into critical considerations to take into account when selecting learning objectives. Once we’ve covered these fundamentals, we will highlight simple, evidence-based strategies early childhood providers can use to harness the power of play, promoting early learning in their classrooms the better way.

Join The Hangout Spot, LLC founders Meghan Cave and Justyna Balzar on Saturday, November 21 from 9:00a-10:30p on Zoom for an amazing look at the role play has in our classrooms and homes.  Select your payment link below and once payment has been made, a Zoom link will be emailed to you.  Participants will receive a certificate for 1.5 hours post-event.