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Our Policy Priorities 

  1. Ensuring all young children, birth to age 8, have access to high-quality, developmentally appropriate early learning experiences

  2. Advancing an effective, diverse, well-prepared and well-compensated early childhood workforce



Guiding Documents 

We work with elected officials and state agencies to advance policies and practices that align with NAEYC’s core position statements. This position statements are based in research and informed by members of the early childhood profession.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP)

The CTAEYC Team at the NAEYC Public Policy Forum 2024

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2024 Public Policy CT Team Members

  • Dave Kulick

  • Mary Oster

  • Maria Jose Beteta

  • Carol Carozelli

  • Donna Osuch

  • Debbie Collins

  • Chris Badenhop- Team Lead and CTAEYC Public Policy Chair

Your CT team met with the federal delegation asking to:

  • Prioritize Robust investments in key childcare & early learning programs that support the needs of EC Educators, families & young children. 

  • Our heroes (Teachers) have done amazing things with nothing!  Imagine the amazing strides we could make with full funding and livable wages. 

  • A recent survey of more than 200 Connecticut child care providers found roughly a quarter of respondents not generating enough revenue to sustain their businesses and suggests that there are more than 4,000 vacant staff positions across the system.

  • In November, during a five-minute speech on the Senate floor, U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy said that 124,000 Connecticut parents had reported having their work disrupted by child care difficulties, with some even forced to relocate.

Build Your Knowledge, Stay Updated, and Take Action!

Partnering together to influence Connecticut’s public policy agendas
CTAEYC, along with several other early childhood organizations, work together  to make children and families a top priority to policymakers.

You will find valuable resources and information across partner agencies, as we  collaborate toward shared efforts to promote positive change for  Connecticut children, families and educators.

For more information, visit the following websites:

CT Early Childhood Alliance

CT Office of Early Childhood

Child Care for CT's Future

CT Department of Education



CT Commission on Children

CT Office of the Child Advocate

CT Voices for Children

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Policy Priorities and Initiatives

Federal and State Agendas

How our nation can do better to create opportunities that help all children and families succeed.

Power to the



High-quality educators drive high-quality early learning. 

America for Early Ed



Mobilize on behalf of high-quality early childhood education with other educators, leaders, parents, and allies.

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