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Consultation Quality Improvement Support  (CQIS)

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The CTAEYC Quality Improvement Specialist with support from the OEC grant manager will coordinate the assignment of programs to consultants matching the programs needs with consultant expertise. Consultation support will be provided by OEC approved consultants including  AQIS Facilitators and/or consultants contracted by the Connecticut Association  for Education of Young Children (CTAEYC). Data about the type of consultation  support, the number of children  served and the outcomes will be collected to inform ongoing and future Connecticut statewide decision making related to continuous quality improvement initiatives.

The CQIS initiative is currently under development with input from a CQIS State Work Group. It is anticipated that after a phased implementation over the Summer/Fall of 2023, information about the Consultation Quality Improvement Support (CQIS) will be made available on the CT OEC website.

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