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Consultation Quality Improvement Support  (CQIS)

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Reach out to talk to our Quality Improvement Specialist

Office Hours:
First Tuesday of the Month 9:30-11:30 am, 
Last Thursday of the Month 3:30- 5:30pm

Meg Formica MS Ed.
Quality Improvement Specialist Consultant
(475) 343-4346

CQIS Forums

The goal of the CQIS Forums is to provide a professional learning community focused on Continuous Quality Improvement.  Forums are offered bi-monthly (every other month) and are open to all providers interested in Continuous Quality Improvement. We will share resources, and there will be opportunities for Administrators to ask questions and network with colleagues about Continuous Quality Improvement planning and implementation unique to their setting.

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The CQIS initiative augments other CT OEC initiatives such as AQIS and Elevate with an emphasis on system building and continuous quality improvement. The goal of the CQIS initiative is to expand and deliver consultation support available to early care and education programs. Consultation Support shall be tailored to each program's unique needs, delivered by knowledgeable consultants and will utilize the many OEC funded initiatives designed to support continuous quality improvement.

The CQIS activity is an OEC funded initiative contracted to CTAEYC
to provide consultation support aligned but not limited to:

  • CT OEC Licensing Regulations

  • NAEYC/NAFCC Accreditation Standards and Assessment Items

  • State-Funding Grant/Contract Requirements

The CQIS initiative will:

  • Increase the number of programs Accredited by NAEYC and/or NAFCC;

  • Increase the number of children and families who have access to high quality early care and education programs statewide; and

  • Promote continuous quality improvement and awareness of NAEYC and/or NAFCC Accreditation as a standard of quality statewide.

The CTAEYC Quality Improvement Specialist with support from the OEC grant manager will coordinate the assignment of programs to consultants matching the programs needs with consultant expertise. Consultation support will be provided by OEC approved consultants including  AQIS Facilitators and/or consultants contracted by the Connecticut Association  for Education of Young Children (CTAEYC). Data about the type of consultation  support, the number of children  served and the outcomes will be collected to inform ongoing and future Connecticut statewide decision making related to continuous quality improvement initiatives.

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