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 CTAEYC Committees 

Emerging Leaders


Bridging intentional equity and diversity strategies will lead to effective membership recruitment and retention plans that will naturally create a more diverse leadership pipeline, and in turn impact board composition. The more members see themselves represented in leadership positions, the more likely they will engage with and contribute to the organization’s mission.

Public Policy


The purpose of the public policy agenda is to provide a framework and guide for the public policy activities of the CTAEYC. As a volunteer effort, CTAEYC’s public policy agenda is largely aligned and guided by NAEYC for understanding national issues and priorities, and the Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance for its state issues and priorities.

We understand and recognize the need to and value of joining with our colleagues from around the country and state to move our shared vision forward -- remaining responsive to the needs of our membership and the needs of Connecticut’s young children, their families, and the professionals who care for and educate them.

Programs & Services

Support CTAEYC’s mission and work with chapters to provide high-quality professional development and programming across the state. Jointly chaired by the VP of Chapter Relations and the VP of Programs and Services, the committee works to ensure chapter activities are included and aligned to the Association’s mission and vision.


It is the mission of the Membership Committee to promote membership in order to grow and sustain CTAEYC. NAEYC and its Affiliates must identify and nurture emerging leaders within the association’s membership across demographics (age, gender, race, ethnicity and socio-economics) and geography. Membership allows professionals to be part of their professional membership association, as well as opportunities to network, access professional resources, and be represented in numerous state and Federal policy and advocacy efforts. Membership also provides a strong, customized, and differentiated member experience, and provides authentic, inclusive, and transparent leadership pathways.

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